« Beauty can be the noblest of signatures. »
Marcel Proust

Maison Proust invites La Mer into the intimacy of its Spa, at the heart of the Marais.

The partnership between La Mer and Maison Proust is a natural fit: favoring refinement over ostentation, discreet luxury over opulence, these two exceptional signatures come together in a shared pursuit of excellence and authenticity, to offer the best of their savoir-faire in homage to beauty.

Through its unique rituals and regenerative massage techniques, La Mer and its iconic Intense Regenerating Cream offer tailor-made and innovative services, with the perfection of the right gesture. 

« Stop the movement of hours at this luminous moment, to create memories, in the happiness of an enchanting setting. »
Marcel Proust

The Spa at Maison Proust will transport you to another world, the world of millennial art-de-vivre with roots in the Orient. Here, it is reborn, inspired by the Orientalism of Aunt Léonie’s salons, where Marcel Proust spent part of his childhood.

The Maison Proust spa required more than a year and thousands of hours of work to emerge. One room at a time, the best craftsmen from the palaces of the King of Morocco poured their remarkable expertise to give birth to this architectural gem. Inventing perspectives, they were virtuosos in combining lines and repeating motifs to create skilful geometries and mysterious arabesques, forming a perfect harmony of marble, Moroccan tiles, and tadelakt.

Under a wooden ceiling shrouded in shadows, lanterns provide a subtle play of light reflecting on the marble floors as they make the pool water shimmer. Against a backdrop of blues and greys, subtle fragrances from a forgotten Orient waft by as a fountain gently babbles, forming an enchanting symphony of secular colours and materials from the East.

Comprising a ten-metre swimming pool punctuated by elegantly tiled columns, a steam room and three treatment suites, the Maison Proust Spa is poetry for the senses, and the most magical part of Maison Proust.

Unearthing paradise lost and forgotten gestures…

All Maison Proust residents can enjoy private access to the Salon d’Eau, an environment devoted to relaxation. At the heart of this wellness sanctuary, where beauty and goodness come together in gentle harmony, visitors will enjoy an unprecedented experience: that of delighting in the sheer magic of quintessential sensuality for an hour or more. As time stands still, bustling city sounds and everyday concerns will miraculously vanish.