“To stop the movement of the hours in this luminous instant, to create memories, in the bliss of an enchanting environment.”

Marcel Proust

The decorative spirit of our lounges continues on the upper floors of Maison Proust. Bathed in soft light, hallways lined with unbelievably soft Cordoba leather lead to our 23 bedrooms and suites, precious havens that pay tribute to the celebrities who populated the universe of Marcel Proust.

Every floor features a wide range of room categories: De Luxe rooms, Junior Suites, Executive Suites, 2-Bedroom Suites, and a 3-Bedroom Suite. The theme of each floor is inspired by the world of Marcel Proust: the first three floors of the house showcase prominent Parisian characters, the 4th floor is dedicated to painters, the 5th floor to authors, and the 6th floor to the apartments of Marcel Proust.

Each room and suite have been uniquely decorated with paintings, fabrics, and colours that perfectly align with the spirit of the people after whom they are named. The paintings and wall hangings of our rooms and suites, some of which include writing desks and alcoves, echo each other in a remarkable symphony of shades and inspirations, creating a singular atmosphere of understated luxury and comfort.

The rooms feature plush carpeting, carefully placed paintings in a harmony of colours, moulded ceilings, bathrooms lined with Cordoba leather, and art objects such as bespoke lampshades featuring passages from The Remembrance of Things Past. The exceptional attention to detail breathes extra soul into rooms that pay tribute to Marcel Proust, in keeping with the purest respect for his aesthetics and world.


 – 20m² – 

To snuggle down in a nest, to feel “in unison with the warm night,” and later, to wake, to laze, to marvel…

Junior Suites

 – 30m² – 

Indulge in the gentle magic of a fanciful escapade. Live in the moment, dream, and discover yourselves…

Executive Suite

 – 50m² – 

Dive into the sheer elegance of the author’s world. Enjoy light and silence, along with the freedom to read or to meditate…


 – 50m² – 

Enjoy every moment, lounge in a plush sofa, imagine what it would be like to be a Parisian for a day, for a week…


 – 70m² – 

A door that opens onto a dream… Sharing the happiness of suspended time, experiencing light, space, and beauty.


 – 100m² – 

Reawaken to life in the intimacy of the celebrated master of this place.