“A house that is like a living dream, whose only vocation is to offer guests timeless moments aligned with their desires…”

In a world subjected to constant acceleration, Maison Proust celebrates taking time to let go, contemplate, and escape. In choosing this Belle Epoque theme, a period with a strong identity associated with its splendour and its love of the arts, its sole vocation is to offer guests timeless moments aligned with their desires.

With its understated luxury, intricate elegance and commitment to authenticity, Maison Proust invites you to come and experience the present moment.



An interior designer and born aesthete, Jacques Garcia is one of the world’s greatest designers. From Tokyo to Los Angeles, Marrakech to Doha, via New York, London, and Paris, he leaves his unmistakeable imprint and unrivalled talent across the globe in mythical hotels, the greatest palaces, and splendid private homes.

Disregarding trends and favouring sophistication, elegance, and warmth, his flair is instantly recognisable. A loyal partner of Collection Maisons Particulières from its inception, Jacques Garcia also designed Maison Athénée and Maison Souquet, to which he now adds the unparalleled flair of Maison Proust.



Sylviane Sanz and Yoni Aïdan, the founders of Collection Maisons Particulières, once again asked the famous French designer, Jacques Garcia, to set the stage for Maison Proust. Their quest, which encompasses paintings, old books, artefacts, and period furnishings collected over several years, restitutes the splendour or aristocratic interiors of the Belle Epoque which Marcel Proust described so eloquently.

The lounges, bedrooms, suites, and spa all provide luxurious variations of genuine treasures passed on from the late 19th century. An extensive and precious art collection includes an autographed copy of Remembrance of Things Past, a letter from Marcel Proust to Princess Soutzo, and rare old paintings, such as works by Jacques-Emile Blanche, Jean Béraud, Giovanni Boldini, Auguste Toulmouche, Paul-Albert Laurens, Léon Bonnat, Eduardo Leon Garrido, and Jean Cocteau, as well as a portrait of Marcel Proust by Jacques Aymer de la Chevalerie.

So much more than a hotel, Maison Proust is space brought to life. Together with Jacques Garcia’s talent, the bold vision of its founders has infused it with soul, reviving the very spirit of Marcel Proust.



Collection Maisons Particulières is made up of iconic hotels designed the spirit of elegant private homes. Both confidential and intimate, they reflect the spirit and soul of Paris. Favouring sophisticated luxury to ostentation, these homes are an invitation to experience an extraordinary sense of home, in the friendly care of a team that combines discretion and expertise. Maison Souquet, on the edge of Montmartre, a former Belle Epoque house of pleasures turned into a small place, Maison Athénée, just steps from the Garnier Opera House and an homage to theatre, and Maison Proust, in the heart of the Marais and a remembrance of Belle Epoque salons, all belong to Collection Maisons Particulières.